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A glimpse is never enough of our extraordinary arts and crafts gallery, filled with the finest work by American artists in a variety of media, including over 200 pieces by Echo of the Dreamer.

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Echo of the Dreamer

Contemporary, One of a Kind, Art to Wear

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A    Austrian glass, carved glass, pearls.


B   Left - Drusy, smokey topaz, pyrite.


     Right - Green kayanite, sugilite, chrysophrase.


C    Glass intaglio, Austrian glass, white topaz, white and silver pearls.


D    Left - Blue agate, drusy, kyanite cluster necklace.


      Right - Kyanite, onyx, drusy.


E    Left - Blue pearl, blue topaz, blue agate drop necklace.


      Right - Blue topaz, drusy, blue agate, pearl.


F   Left - Onyx, coral, tourmalinated quartz.


     Right - Coral,  tourmalinated quartz, onyx, drusy, shell.


G   Left - Platinum drusy, white and brown topaz, pyrite.


      Center - Platinum drusy, fossilized shell, pearl, kyanite, mother of pearl.


      Right - Vintage carved glass, Austrian glass and white topaz.


H     Vintage glass, Austrian glass, white topaz, pearls, moonstone.


I    Left - Austrian glass, white topaz - size 8.


     Right - Vintage glass cabochon, Austrian glass, pearls - size 9.


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Wurrkshop Woods

Extraordinary Handcrafted Boxes

Priced $110 to $695




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Mummy's Bundle

Elegant works inspired by the Ancient Americas . . . Freshwater Pearls and Sterling Silver

A     $376

B     Antique beads and sterling silver


C     Black glass beads and sterling silver


D     $469

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Patricia Locke

Spring 2007 Collection

Priced $45. to $245.

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Bill Campbell

The Flambeau Collection




Priced $22. to $96.






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Jonathan's Wild Cherry Spoons




Priced $7. to $40.





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Johnson Creek Clay Studio

Pottery Containers in Earth-rich Colors
by Rick Hintze

Priced $50 to $80

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Steve Mahler

Jewel-like Ceramics







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Jones Glassworks

Drawn from Nature . . .

The Sealife Collection

The Euphrates Collection

Priced $39.95 - $106

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Ed Levin Jewelry

Finely wrought Silver, Gold & Pearls



Please call for current prices.





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A                 B


Antiqued & oxidized copper, brass
& silver; hand-painted dials . . .

A     RT203    -     $  270

B     SPT1M2   -   $  270

C     LNF3    -       $  250

D     SPPW33   -  $  290

E     GST3    -      $  300

F     LVM3   -       $  300

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C                 D




E                 F


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